Joint Evening meeting

The next joint meeting with PCF will take place at 7pm Sunday 3 November.

Natural Evangelism course

This course will take place in various churches in the region, starting at the end of the month.  Sessions 1 - 3, St Margaret's Eastney, Saturday 11 January 9.30am - 3ppm; Sessions 4 - 6, Saturday 1 February, 9.30am - 3pm.  It will also take place on consecutive Saturdays 30 October - 7 December, 7.30pm - 9pm at CLC.


Don't forget the clocks go back an hour on the weekend of 26/27 October.

Lynn Gray

Lynn's family, and others who have been invited, will attend Lynn's cremation service, at the Oaks, on the morning of Friday 25 October.  They would like everyone who knew Lynn to join them at 2pm, at the Centre, on that day, to celebrate Lynn's life.

Toilet Cleaning

The CAT team is looking to recruit pairs of volunteers to clean the toilet areas fortnightly, eg floors and surfaces.  It's not a long job.  Please speak to Mary or Angela

Ladies' Social

This will take place on the evening of Friday 8 November at the Harvester.  Names to Chrissy please.

Work Party

A work party will take place at the Centre during half term week commencing Monday 28 October.  Keith, Mark and Dave will be fixing the porch, replacing rotten wood by the front door and attending to the bouncy floor.  They are hoping to be joined by others to do tasks such as weeding, painting, making tea, cleaning up, praying and tip runs.  Please give this prayerful consideration and show your support even for the odd hour.

Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes

Our first Sunday of the month special on 3rd November will be dedicated to filling the Christmas shoeboxes.  Please be acquiring  flannels, notebooks, stationery, crayons, gloves, scarves, hats and hairbrushes.  NO sweets or toothpaste please.    Christine has other items in store so please mainly focus on the ones listed here.

ICC Walk the Wall event

Meet 9am Saturday 26 October in Bransbury Park car park for 6 mile walk to raise funds for International China Concern.  Walkers and sponsors needed.  More details from Sue Munday.

Tea & Coffee rota

The Meon Team is on duty on Sunday 20 October.  Just a reminder that the duty involves serving the refreshments; washing up; putting the chairs away; Hoovering and taking home the flannels, towels and tea cloths to launder.

One World Week events

7.15pm Tuesday 22 October at the Catholic Cathedral; 4.30pm Monday 28 October at Cosham Baptist Church