Work Parties

Dave is leading two more work parties at the Centre 8am - 8pm on both Friday 29th and Saturday 30th June.  Please support him in any way you can - painting, labouring, making refreshments, cleaning up, runs to the tip, visits to B & Q, etc.

Special Family Celebration

Our next first Sunday of the month special Family Celebration will take place on 1 July when the focus will be on food.  We're expecting a member from Portsmouth Food Bank to be present and hope that everyone will be able to bring some contributions of food for the Food Bank.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust comprises only a few members.  They are on the rota for teas/coffees after Family Celebration on 17 June so please lend a hand if you see they need help.

Joint Event in Milton Park

Don't forget the joint Pure Ground/ Langstone Church/Milton Village Association event in the park Saturday 21 July.  Steve is still hoping to hear from more people willing to run/help at a stall or with an activity.

Flannels in the Ladies' Toilets

If anyone would like to occasionally take home the flannels to be laundered it will be greatly appreciated.  No need to have a rota.  If you see there are some that need laundering just take them home and return them clean the next time you come to the Centre.

Spirit-led Door Knocking

Due to illness the spirit-led door knocking was cancelled on 11 June.  This has been rescheduled for Monday 25 June.  Meet at the Centre at 1.30pm.

Evening Meetings

The evening meeting scheduled for 7pm Sunday 17 June has been cancelled.  The next joint meeting with PFC will take place at 7pm Sunday 1 July.

Washing up Liquid Bottles

Steve Mac would like empty washing up liquid bottles, with lids, to use in the water play at the FROG end of year party on 10 July.

Prayer Meetings

The weekly prayer meetings which have been held 7 - 8pm on Fridays are suspended until further notice.

Craft Club

The Craft Club takes place 1.30 - 4pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of most months.  As several key people will be absent on Wednesday 27 June that session has been cancelled.  Therefore the next Craft Club will take place on Wednesday 11 July.

Guest Dinner

The week after the Pure Ground Event, we shall be hosting a Guest Dinner - Friday 27th July @7pm. Be giving consideration to who you will invite.  The intention is also to invite people we meet at the event in the park.  Volunteers will be sought to set up, help in the kitchen, serve, wash up and clear away.